Afreshe is passionate about transforming lives for prosperity through embracing, reconnecting and sharing heritage.

Founded in 2008, we work with African children, young people and adults in Scotland to help them build esteem in their identity, integrate into their communities and unlock their full potential.  

Afreshe Board Members plan and deliver various events throughout the year based on our strategy of embracing, reconnecting and sharing heritage.


Embracing denotes curiosity, agility and adaptation driven by respect. It's an active process and here at Afreshe we work together with families, individuals, institutions, community groups and businesses to celebrate heritage.


In this era of globalisation where the only constant is change, the way to make the most of all opportunities is in maintaining a clear vision of who you really are and how you can contribute to a prosperous society.


"I know something good about you; you know something good about me..." (Louis C Shimon)

There is so much to share within the community, if only we take the time to listen to each other.